Wednesday, May 16, 2012

These are a few of my favourite things - Age 3.5

Zach is almost 3.5 years now and I thought it would be nice to do a post on all that he loves at this stage of his life.

The devil has become super naughty and full of mischief, especially at his Amumma's house where there is no dearth of people to encourage his antics and spoil him! And when they threaten to tell Mamma about his tricks he says no "let's keep it a secret!"

He's full of questions about everything right from knowing how an iron is made to  how do you spell didgeridoo?!  He loves Puzzles and books. His Aunty Sangeetha is constantly sending him unique interesting books from her store Treasure books.. He was obsessed with a book called "Snoring Shanmugam" for a while. And practically knew the whole book by heart. At the moment his favourite books are Gruffalo and Cowlick.  He also loves Tiger on a tree.
His favourite puzzles are Noddy and Scooby Doo and can do a 24 piece puzzle with ease. He is now working on 48 pieces and can do it with a little help.

He loves playing with his cousin Nithish for hours on end with a few conflicts here and there of course!

He is still not a big food person and just eats cos he has to. He still loves his morning oats porridge though. He likes prawns. Otherwise doesnt have any particular likes.
He likes jujubes and gummy sweets and since he isnt allowed to eat chocolate he loves white chocolate. 

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